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UATE - Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises
We build the future by enhancing education landscape. Spreading modern engineering education initiatives through all over Armenia is one of our strategic objectives aiming at having an army of talented and well-educated professionals for the industry in near future.
This is why
we do what we do
Hayk Andreasyan
The Real School student
The way "The Real School" has changed my life.

"I have been studying at ‘’the Real School’’ for only five months, but my life has been totally changed in that short period of time. From the very first days, we started to work in groups and working in teams was the first important feature I gained there. Preparation of business presentations not only enabled to get rich knowledge but also strengthened my sense of responsibility, made me more self-confident and courageous. Teaching of Armenian traditional dances and songs, familiarization with the Armenian history awakened my patriotic spirit. I learnt to be responsible for my bad and good deeds. I learnt to honestly deal with the problems I faced, became more mature and I started to perceive the world differently.
Hovhannes Mkrtchyan
Innosoft, Founder
Participation at the project "From Army to IT" program was the most important achievement for me (I'm sure for all the participants) in developing the skills and finding good job. The program is unique because it first focuses on transferring knowledge to the participants of the Four-day War and then involving them in the most advanced field when addressing the issue of employment. I am one of the first alumni of the Project. Taking into consideration that I have been newly demobilized, free training provided an opportunity to learn programming skills in line with the labor market requirements. In a short time, I was suggested to be a coach at one of the “Armath” Engineering Laboratory. After completing the training, I started my internship in several member-companies of UITE. Thanks to the project, we have not only being employed, but also founded our startup, the Innosoft, and we have created jobs for others.