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UATE - Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises
UATE team could not achieve success without the generous and enthusiastic support of our angels.
I want to give time
It’s work that matters! There’s something special about knowing your drive and talents are contributing directly to Armenia's prosperity.
I want to give money
Projects you can support right now. Your contribution is vital to the success of our initiatives.
Why they are helping us
Armen Kocharyan
VOLO, Director
By developing and using Why Armenia story and starting the sales meetings with presenting Armenia as the country of surprising engineering, Volo team has doubled it's sales and radically grown the team during the last three years.
Davit Aslanyan
Armenian Territorial Development Fund
The Armenian Territorial Development Fund has financed the investment of engineering laboratories in Dilijan town and 3 villages of the enlarged community just because we are engaged in the community development policy. Within the framework of the USAID grant, we have provided machinery and equipment costing millions of dollars to communities of Armenia, including Dilijan, which have greatly contributed to the increase in the number and quality improvement of the public services of the communities. But the day will come when the machinery is out of use, but the results of our founded engineering laboratories will be seen more and more emphasized. What can be bettert than linking the youth to their homeland by providing them innovative knowledge, skills and great opportunity to earn money! Engineering laboratories eliminate space not only between the capital and villages, but also between any high-tech center of the world and the farthest Armenian village.Only the fact that one can meet children with the most shining eyes in the engineering laboratories is more than enough to have a great joy for our little investment.
Hayk Yesayan
Ucom, General Director
Support and sponsorship to "Armath" by Ucom company arise from the strategy of the company and are a classic example of Company Social Responsibility. Ucom has constantly supported the education of future specialists of the sector, as well as start-up companies that present innovative ideas. One of the goals of the Armenian company being the most innovative is to create a platform where these professionals will have wide opportunities to implement their innovative projects by working and learning in the environment of mutual cooperation.

Albrik Nazaryan
Taking into account the fact that the border villages are the gates of our country, and today they are facing the threat of Armenian emigration, a decision has been made that the children of these communities have a great need for assistance. The daily routine of these villages is limited to attending school and helping relatives in gardens, but most of these children also dream of good education, knowledge-based future, and their aspirations and goals are greater.
Arman Atoyan
Arloopa, Director
I believe that the future of Armenia is exclusively in the development of information technologies, we support children so that they can believe in it and love technology from the early age. We try to support and encourage children as much as we can, just like 10 years ago we had been inspired by Karen Vardanyan.
UATE Angels
Nshan Shaqaryanx
Facebook CEO
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